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Pics of Our "Get Together" on 5/4/02

Will trying to balance on two legs after a couple of drinks.


Don't look at me.

Ho Man and Carlos.

James out of it.

Qi and Carlos.

Will after more drinks.

Will, Carlos, and Ho Man getting it on in Vic's room.

Carlos and Will beating the crap out of Ho Man.

Ho Man in the bathroom after too many drinks.

Ho man sitting in the bathroom.

Ho Man vomiting the five shots of vodka and five shots of rum.

Ho Man vomiting some more..

Will saying that he is fine.(Boy is he drunk)

Carlos saying hes fine.(Damn he has high tolorence)

What are you looking at.

Will is out cold.

Michelle and Carlos discussing something.(How to clean up the mess)

Qi and Carlos again.

Ho Man out cold.

Will vomiting in the bathroom.

Qi a little buzzed.

Ho Man out cold on the floor.

Ho Man still on the floor.

The Next Day

Ho Man.

Vic's hangover.( head)

I'm NEVER doing this again.